Read the frickin’ docs

It wasn’t until I started this project that I realized there is a huge chunk of helpful methods grouped together before the Array methods are listed out individually. I’m grateful that this project forced me into reading it, but also a bit embarrassed.

This grouping that I felt needed to be done was sitting there waiting for me the whole time! I could have skipped this first part altogether as far as doing a write up here, but there was a part of that which felt like I would be making the same mistake twice.

One of my goals of this project is to be able to have enough awareness of the tools of Ruby to be able to put them into useful groups. Stopping my exploration at the introduction does little to improve my total comprehension. Even in the likely scenario where this summary truly is the best showcase, it would be a shame not to see for myself.

No lorem ipsum today, but you still deserve a Shel Silverstein poem. I present, “Pancake?”

Who wants a pancake,
Sweet and piping hot?
Good little Grace looks up and says,
“I’ll take the one on top.”
Who else wants a pancake,
Fresh off the griddle?
Terrible Theresa smiles and says,
“I’ll take the one in the middle.”


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